Dr Michael Lange , Optomertist and Nutrition Specialist uses natural steps for dry eye relief in his patients.


Dr Michael Lange says dry eye symptoms affects all of us sooner or later.  Patients that experience eyes that burn, feel sandy, gritty, water, red, irritated, fluctuation in vision are a few of the symptoms of dry eyes.  As we age patients dry eye symptoms get worse and worse.  Many eye doctors are prescribing very expensive medications and procedures that are not covered by insurance for the treatment of dry eyes.  Dr Michael Lange is an optometrist as well as a Certified  Nutrition Specialist and has had great success using a natural approach for dry eyes.  Dr Lange sees patients at The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida five days a week and is on call for eye emergencies 24 hrs a day.  Dr Lange is involved in the research and development of supplements, diets and Paleo food products to help improve overall and ocular health.  The combination of proper diet, the right supplements and life style adjustments really helps patients decrease their dry eye symptoms and improve overall health.  The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida  is a Dry Eye Center of Excellence and patients come from all over the country for a natural approach to eye care.  To learn more details and easy to follow natural steps to dry eye relief go to this link:  https://vitaminsfordryeye.com/2017/10/14/dr-michael-lange-and-his-5-simple-natural-steps-for-dry-eye/